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Steven Day

Steven has had an automotive passion for over 35 years. Steven’s past automotive industry experience includes writing as an automotive journalist, working at a major automaker, working for different dealership groups in both sales and service, working special events for Mercedes-Benz AMG, Subaru, Toyota and Pirelli and as an automotive photographer.

Steven has an encyclopedic knowledge of vast segments of automotive history as well as a strong understanding of automobiles past and present. Steven possesses incredible technical knowledge, a keen eye for detail and an understanding of how the entire automotive industry functions. Steven is the current owner of GLS Appraisals.

Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell grew up in the rural village of Thornton, Ontario. Most of his life he has been exposed to small engines, vehicles, as well as heavy equipment. In the early 80’s his father opened an auto body shop and ran it successfully for two decades, which emerged into an auto repair facility for Rural Route Motors. Both of these endeavours provided Rob with the opportunity to attain hands-on knowledge relating to various mainstream and specialty vehicles, heavy diesel engines in addition to auto body repair and restoration.

Rob has been interested in learning and improving his knowledge of various types of vehicles, in respect to the value of vehicles and enhancing mechanical/cosmetic repair skills through their family business. In education, he has a Small Engine Mechanics License, as well as an Electrical Engineering Diploma.

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